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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Men Make A Difference Day 10/10/11!

Today I want to tell you about Men Make A Difference Day!

What is Men Make A Difference Day?

An initiative to increase the involvement of fathers and significant male role models in the academic lives of children.

DADS and significant male role models in the lives of their children and students are asked to pledge to remain engaged in the academic lives of students. DADS pledge to:

• Attend a school board meeting
• Assist my child with homework assignments
• Review and understand requirements for High School graduation
• Review and understand the role and expectations of an incoming 9th grader
• Participate in at least one Parent Teacher Conference

The concept of Men Make A Difference Day began three years ago in Prince George’s County, Maryland when Michael A. Robinson called on fathers to escort their children to school. This remarkable one day event resulted in over 10,000 dads and significant male role models engaging their children’s schools.

Create a Men Make A Difference Day (MMDD): 10.10.11 (October 10, 2011) Organizing Committee in your city, town or village and plan to meet at least once a week until the day of MMDD.

Partner with a school, faith-based organization or community organization that will serve as sponsor and fiscal agent for your initiative.

Ask the principal to send a notice to families to invite men, participate on 10.10.11
(October 10, 2011) Men Make A Difference Day (MMDD).
• Ask the school administrator to invite men into a parents’ room or auditorium for a short program while their children are in class (and include light refreshments like coffee, juice, and cookies with this program).

Check it out!

I am excited about the level of enthusiasm I am hearing from people all over regarding Men Make A Difference Day on 10.10.11. This is a national movement on a national day.

We are asking fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, sons, nephews, and all significant male role models in the lives of children to participate.

To visit a school, meet teachers, staff, and other school personnel.

We ask that you volunteer at least 7 hours of your time to the school.

To learn more visit www.menmakeadifferenceday.​

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