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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Straightup Hookups Yard Sale & BBQ @ 12th & Park Recreation Center Sept 17,2011 9AM-3PM

Yard Sale and BBQ @ 12th & Park Recreation Center Sept 17,2011 9AM-3PM

Hello All It's Time To Clear Out That Clutter!

If you have things to sell,rent a space and set-up shop!

If you're in search of a deal,,,,,,,Stop by and shop til you drop!

If you have your own tent and/or set-up rent a space for $30

If you need a table and 2 chairs,rent space,table and 2 chairs $20

For more info contact Straightup Hookups @ 314-436-9777

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Men Make A Difference Day 10/10/11!

Today I want to tell you about Men Make A Difference Day!

What is Men Make A Difference Day?

An initiative to increase the involvement of fathers and significant male role models in the academic lives of children.

DADS and significant male role models in the lives of their children and students are asked to pledge to remain engaged in the academic lives of students. DADS pledge to:

• Attend a school board meeting
• Assist my child with homework assignments
• Review and understand requirements for High School graduation
• Review and understand the role and expectations of an incoming 9th grader
• Participate in at least one Parent Teacher Conference

The concept of Men Make A Difference Day began three years ago in Prince George’s County, Maryland when Michael A. Robinson called on fathers to escort their children to school. This remarkable one day event resulted in over 10,000 dads and significant male role models engaging their children’s schools.

Create a Men Make A Difference Day (MMDD): 10.10.11 (October 10, 2011) Organizing Committee in your city, town or village and plan to meet at least once a week until the day of MMDD.

Partner with a school, faith-based organization or community organization that will serve as sponsor and fiscal agent for your initiative.

Ask the principal to send a notice to families to invite men, participate on 10.10.11
(October 10, 2011) Men Make A Difference Day (MMDD).
• Ask the school administrator to invite men into a parents’ room or auditorium for a short program while their children are in class (and include light refreshments like coffee, juice, and cookies with this program).

Check it out!

I am excited about the level of enthusiasm I am hearing from people all over regarding Men Make A Difference Day on 10.10.11. This is a national movement on a national day.

We are asking fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, sons, nephews, and all significant male role models in the lives of children to participate.

To visit a school, meet teachers, staff, and other school personnel.

We ask that you volunteer at least 7 hours of your time to the school.

To learn more visit www.menmakeadifferenceday.​

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life!

If there is something you really want,work for it.

If there is a craft you want to learn,research and apply yourself.

It is never too late to start living the life that you want.

We are magic,we are capable of wonderful things.

Sometimes we may get a little lax,or lose motivation but that doesn't mean you just give up.

Take a breather,a little break to recharge yourself,to relax and then re-attack and work towards your dream.

I know of many people that give up on their dreams because they feel they are out of reach.

Everything is within your reach if you go for it.

Never doubt yourself, and never allow anyone to doubt or put down your dreams and hopes.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life,live it for you!

Everyday you rise,you should feel that way.

You should Thank God for waking you,and promise Him that today's going to be productive,grand and over the top. Why?

Because you are,and God made you that way!

Peace and Blessings!

Make today OUTSTANDING!!!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Starting Anew Everyday!

Morning Sunshine!

That's how you should greet yourself in the mirror every morning of everyday.

You have made it where some haven't today,you're here.

So look yourself in the mirror,even with the sleep in the corner of your eyes,as you reach for the floss,toothbrush or whatever.

Give a wink,and say "Beautiful,let go make today ,GREAT!"


Saturday, March 12, 2011

What Exactly Is A Straightup Hookup?

A Straightup Hookup is a real good deal,real good stuff,things that help brighten your day and send you on your way.

But you carry them with you from that day on!


This knowlegde doesn't come from books,it comes from living and being passed down from someone who has lived it and loves you or cares enough to "hook you up".

It is a wise person who can learn from someone else's mistakes,but it's character,will power and strength that a person earns to experience and learn from their own mistakes.~RastaMermaid

There are many lessons in life to learn far too many to list in one blog.

Any life lesson you learn is a "Straightup Hookup" especially if you keep the lesson with you.

"Don't drop your books and lose your lesson."

In other words follow to what you have learned.Alot of times we do things and we know better.

Follow what you know to be true,know your truth,respect your truth!

Once you get that lesson,life takes on a whole new meaning!

You have a whole new outlook and perspective of what you want out of life.

You'll grow up quickly and you'll start wanting different things,have different goals and even have different friends.

You'll come to realize that you have grown and evolved into a mature,better person.

You'll look back and notice that some of the people you thought were so fly, aren't around anymore and weren't fly at all.

You'll look back and notice you don't do some of the things you use to do.

You'll know that your opinion of yourself is more important that anyone's opinion of you.

What someone thinks of you is their business,it has nothing to do with you.

It's their problem.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Too Blessed To Be Stressed!!!

Too Blessed,Yes I Am!

Are you of sound mind and body?

Can you walk,talk,breathe,speak,and hear?

You're blessed!

Don't overlook these gifts,some don't possess them and wish they did.

We take our blessings for granted sometimes.

We even get depressed and mad for not having material things.

They are of no real importance. Can't take them with you.

You need a check up from the neck up if you ever find yourself upset,depressed or mad over material possessions.

It's an awesome surreal moment when you reach this understanding with yourself.

If someone judges you or wants to be around you because of the things you possess or the position you hold,they are really not someone you want around.

Will these same people cease to be friendly if you go bankrupt or lose your job?

Is that really a friend you want?

You are many things,you have many qualities and attributes that have nothing to do with financial or material means.

If you are a good person,have a good heart,wish well for others and now God's love you are truly blessed already.

Enjoy all of God's blessings.

They are everywhere and in everything that makes life wonderful,simple and beautiful.

Know that you are blessed and relish in God's brilliance!

Blessings All!!!