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Monday, November 22, 2010

Too Blessed To Be Stressed!!!

Too Blessed,Yes I Am!

Are you of sound mind and body?

Can you walk,talk,breathe,speak,and hear?

You're blessed!

Don't overlook these gifts,some don't possess them and wish they did.

We take our blessings for granted sometimes.

We even get depressed and mad for not having material things.

They are of no real importance. Can't take them with you.

You need a check up from the neck up if you ever find yourself upset,depressed or mad over material possessions.

It's an awesome surreal moment when you reach this understanding with yourself.

If someone judges you or wants to be around you because of the things you possess or the position you hold,they are really not someone you want around.

Will these same people cease to be friendly if you go bankrupt or lose your job?

Is that really a friend you want?

You are many things,you have many qualities and attributes that have nothing to do with financial or material means.

If you are a good person,have a good heart,wish well for others and now God's love you are truly blessed already.

Enjoy all of God's blessings.

They are everywhere and in everything that makes life wonderful,simple and beautiful.

Know that you are blessed and relish in God's brilliance!

Blessings All!!!

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