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Monday, February 1, 2010

Always Look Ahead!!!

You must always look ahead,forward into the future.

Sometimes people get bogged down in the past,forever dwelling in what already has happened and totally ignoring the future ahead of them and moving on.You can not change what has already happened,so the outcome will always be  as it is.

In order to move forward you  have to let it go.

Find some sort of closure to the situation so that you may progress with your future.You may not always get the closure you want but you can certainly do something to help you break through.You may not always get the answers you want,but you can find closure in the answers you receive.You may need closure w/someone whom has passed or someone whom has wronged you or that you have wronged.

The only closure you really need is to forgive yourself and get over it.

If the situation arises and you encounter that person/persons,you face it as you see it at that time.You may address it or you may not.

"Always look ahead, you can't see where you're going looking backwards."

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