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Monday, January 11, 2010

Staying Focused!

It's very easy to fall off the path you have charted for yourself.It's not that you intend to fall off or that you lack motivation. Sometimes life has obstacles that push us in another direction.We will sometimes find ourselves in situations that we have no control over, but it's still a problem you must help resolve.

Thus you have a dream deferred.Note that I said deferred.

Sometimes having alittle time to mature and grow as a person helps you better focus on what you want and really need.Sometimes just taking a break to clear your mind of clutter is healthy.To clear your mind of clutter, you first must recognize what clutter is.Clutter is any thought that runs thru your mind that has nothing to do with you.Once you start recognizing clutter, you can stop those thoughts from entering and taking space in your mind.Once you have recognized clutter and cleared clutter you are free to focus on  your wants,desires needs and dreams.Using all the energy from the clutter to focus on your goals!!!

Remember goals aren't achieved overnight.Just staypositive, focused,determined and optimistic!

Stay Focused!!!!

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