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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Can You Agree To Disagree The Truth?

We all know that everyone doesn't see things the same way.

Different people will see things different ways.

A person's perception has a lot to do with their upbringing,what they have learned and seen,and alot has to do with personality in general.

But the truth is the truth no gray area in that.

You can put whatever spin or slant on any issue to make it go your way,or to make you seem righteous or correct.

That's where spin doctors come from,trying to spin the ugly truth into something not so ugly.

Some people try to spin things their way or in their favor.It may last for a minute but the truth always surfaces.Then comes another spin to spin that.

But the truth is what it is the truth.

Alot of people don't want to face the truth or own up to their actions.

You can agree to disagree on many things but the truth isn't one of them.

So don't get caught up in a whirliwnd and get disoriented.

Stand firm in your truth.

Truth always prevails!!!!

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