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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Check Up From The Neck Up!!

This is just an all out reality check!

Every once in awhile we all trip, yes trip off of something or someone that has nothing to do with you. Like why did they do that,what's wrong with them,why are they saying that about me,or just being in someone else's drama.
Check up from the neck up! That's their drama, their madness and it really has nothing to do with you. Everyone's life is their own and you can't let someone problem with you be your problem. People come into your life for a reason, season or a lifetime. That doesn't mean that these are friends.

Check up from the neck up! Some people will say their friends and even go through the motions, but talk about you behind your back, spread rumors and lies, and some people will listen while others will just brush it off. People can tell the difference when someone is trying to just dog out a person to make themselves look good.

When someone brings you mess take it in stride, and check up from the neck up. They are so worried about me they can't mind their own business, so caught up in what I'm doing, that they have to comment about it.
Let them those negative vibes are prayers to God's ears to help the one their so worried about.

So hate on haters!!!!!

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