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Friday, October 16, 2009

Living Your Life To The Fullest!!!

We've all heard this phrase a thousand times. What does it mean?

Everyone's approach will be different for everyone is  different.

My approach is daily affirmations, everyday I wake up I Thank God for for waking me up. Everyday I have an agend for the day, so I know where I'm going. My agenda may will vary from day to day, but it always includes being me.Being me and not getting bogged down with little things,but relishing the big things I can  control. Example making breakfast for my son,getting him off to school,making sure he has a after school snack, making sure his homework is done,and making sure we have some fun. That right there is wonderful and fulfilling,but just a small part.I have to also address myself, Thanking God for keeping me moving, and moving in the right direction,keeping negative people from in my fold and distracting me from my journey. I very seldom watch the news because most of the time it's not pretty. I'm a very empathic person, I feel other's people pain, not that it's a bad thing, but what can I do? I pray about it, ask God for guidance for me and the indiviuals and keep it moving. Also every night I reflect on my day.I give myself praise for making it through the day and accomplishing my day. Somedays are more than others but that's life, and living it is a blessing.

I'll post some of the daily affirmations I use, also I'll post links to some sites that have helpful information to handle life's daily stresses.Until then...............

Live Your Life To The Fullest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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