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Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Throwing Caution To The Wind!"

We've all heard that metaphor,what does it really mean?

It means putting everything that you know to the side and proceeding anyway without caution,carelessly,with reckless abandon.

But can you really do that?

Throwing everything you've been taught,molded,and raised to follow to the left and just going for what you don't know.

It's not that easy,as a matter of fact it's darn hard and scary.

But sometimes it's the only way to go in order to live out your dreams and manifest your destiny.

You do have to take some precautions.

1) Have a backup plan/a plan B
2) Find a mentor in the area of your interest
3) Do your research on all areas,pro and cons, checks and balances.
4) Know your resources

Once your armed with the knowledge and information that you need....

Go for it!!!!

Throw Caution To The WInd and Do It!!!!!!!

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