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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Clear View!!!!

There are many religions and beliefs. They all have many followers. They all have certain protocals and  rituals.

Who is to say which one is correct? Who is to say which one isn't correct?

Years ago I was introduced to The Church of Scientology, through "Dianetics" a book by it's founder Ron Hubbard.

I did not really get into it,but I did come away with a firm belief in myself. I can't say if that is what I was suppose to gain but that is what I gained. A firm belief that I can accomplish anything because the mind is a very powerful thing.

In the book "Dianetics they speak of  "The Clear",I don't know if my thinking is exactly what they had in mind but it has worked for me. Through reading the book and really understanding where it was coming from I felt a peace, and overwhelming sense of fulfilment that from that day on there was nothing I could not handle. A sense of knowing that God  has given me all the tools I need to live a happy,healthy life. That I can manifest any destiny I choose and long as I believe.

Once you see things clearly, you can move obstacles out of your way.

Achieving this mindset has proven to be very,very good for me.

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