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Monday, June 21, 2010

Don't Be Such A Quoter!

Don't get me wrong,there is nothing wrong with using quotes for motivation or affirmation.

Some quotes fit exactly where the need to be and are right on time.

But you still need to manifest your own philosophy for your life.

You can't live you life in a metaphor or be a constant retweet of someone else's thoughts.

You need to search and find you and what works best for you.

Yes,there's a possibility that someone's thoughts and ideas may be like yours. But the way you live out your destiny,ideas and thoughts is all on you.

So how are you going to play it out?

How ever you do what you do.....Do you!!!!

March to your own beat and do what makes you happy and smile.

That's living your life on your own terms and making it your own personal philosophy..

Stay Blessed and Love Yourself!!

One Love!!

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