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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Find Your Passion

No one is born knowing exactly what they're calling is.

No one is born knowing what they're good at.

So you have to explore you,try different things.See what stimulates you and makes you happy.

Even if you have the job you attended college for and you'reon the fast track in your career.

What are you doing to truly make you happy?

Something you love to do,just for you.

Sometimes it takes you awhile to find your niche,other times it's right in your face,you just haven't focused yet.

Mine has turned out to be photography. Which is funny because I took photography in school but it was film.

So much has changed now that we're in the digital era,it's amazing.It's renew a passion and a talent I have always possessed.

I shoot often,because hands on is very good when honing your craft.

Since I travel it's awesome to take pics of exotic locations.Capturing different cultures,people and countries.

Posted is one of my recent shots.

I'll starting posting more of my pics as I blog and have appropriate shot.

Stay blessed and find your passion.

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