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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Luck Of The Draw!"

Yes, it's really just that simple.

People go their whole life questioning the circumstances in which they find themselves. Asking why me this,why me that.

It's simple it's the way it's suppose to be for you,it's "The Luck Of The Draw!"

I'm a firm believer in many things, but realize all things aren't for all people.

Even common sense issues,some people's senses aren't common.We all march to our own drummer and string section in a tune made just for us. You keep that beat just  for you. While somethings are universal....

1)  "All things happen for a reason."

2) "God doesn't put more on you than you can handle."

3) "If it doesn't kill you,it will make you stronger."

4) "If it causes any pain or discomfort,remove it,amputate it, just get rid of it."

5) "Whatever will be.will be."

Sometimes people get caught up in things.

Wondering why some people have so much and others so little. It's mind blowing,but not  really if you put it in perspective.

You know sometimes we look at the wrong things and ignore the obvious.

Example:  Joe Jackson wanted the best for his children. He raised them with a dynamic work ethic and with the knowledge that they were going to be the best, they did.But exactly at what price?

Example:  You're envious of a woman because she has a nicer home than yours,nicer clothes than yours,you think that because she's driving a nice new car she's got it going on. While behind closed doors she's suffering from some unimaginable goings on in her life that maybe you could not handle.

Example: You're envious of a man because he has a fine wife,fine home and fine children.While behind closed doors,he's stressing,his wife is nagging and his kids are off the chain terrible.Not to mention the economy,his job and health issues.

So the next time you think the grass is greener for someone else,also think about how blessed you are.

Be happy God's given you sight,hearing,movement and a powerful mind.

But most of all...............LIFE!!!!!

Stay Blessed People!!

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