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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"What's Really Real?"

Everyone says they are real or keeping it real,but what is real for you may not be real for another.

Everyone's view or opinion will still vary depending on many contributing factors. A person's demographic and geographic elements play a vital part in one's outlook.Also adding in one's home life and upbringing all determine a person's perception of life and situations.

Different perceptions of the same situation are sometimes amazing but also scary. You would be dumbfounded of how many different reactions you can receive from the same action  from different people.
Everyone is going to see the action differently, based on their own perception,own life experiences,individual perferences and personality.

Thus being said you have to learn to agree to disagree, and also know subjects never to go overboard on,like church,politics and somone's children or family.

Many  friendships and relationships has been lost over such  subjects.

Sometimes people even attack those subjects just to be rid that person all together. Maybe this person or issue always causes drama. Whenever this person or issue comes up it's problems and the person or issue only gets worse.more draining,and more dramatic. Common sense tells you to leave it alone,to stay away,get away and leave it be.But because we are compassionate by nature we want to help,and sometimes that's the downfall.

Sometimes it doesn't pay to be nice, people take your kindness for weakness. Or just think you are stupid and that they mean more to you than yourself.  Silly,silly people no one is more important to me than me.
I have paid friends rent,paid friends car notes,bought friends groceries,taken friends on trips,paid for hotel rooms,etc.Only to be told I'm not a friend or I don't know what friendship really is. Wow,it's funny what people will say when they find out you will no longer allow them to use you,or even be in your presence.

What's funnier is that my Real Friends have never asked me for a dime or even taken it when offered,and if you know me you know I offer alot.

This was a life lesson well learned and earned.

If someone's friendship changes with health or wealth it isn't a friendship at all.

That's what's really real!!

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