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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Meditate To Elevate!"

Meditate to elevate.

Yes, this is very essential coming into the realm of self-awareness.

Meditation is a very helpful tool that can be used with very good results. But as with any skill you must practice as much as possible.

Breathing and meditation go hand in hand, and when used together and mastered the results are amazing.

You can use this skill in many areas of life and they will prove very benefical.

I meditate often during the day anytime I have a free 20+ minutes, I meditate. It's gonna take practice to build up your time but 5 minutes to start is good.

For energy:

You are going to clear your mind of everything. Breathe deeply, in thru your nose and out thru your mouth.

Now think back to when you were a child,all the energy you had you could run and play all day and never get tired. Wow that felt good,just running and playing free, full of energy.Laughing,running,jumping having fun,full of energy. Focus on that visual,breathe,focus how healthy you felt back then,how you loved to run,focus on the energy.

Carry this with you during the day.

When you feel a little run down or growing alittle weary.

Find yourself a little quiet spot and take 5-10 minutes out to do you.

Meditate to elevate!

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